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About Me.

I’m clearly a power hungry criminal as you will read here on my website. But I’m not just a criminal, I’m also an adulterer who cheated on my wife with Laura Olson. My affair came into sharp focus after it was discussed as a key part of an illegal quid pro quo investigation and corruption accusations against me that led to my historic impeachment on May 27. On the day of the vote, Texas lawmakers revealed that I had cheated on my wife, Sen. Angela Paxton, and even professed to be “in love” with Laura.


Laura has been involved in politics for years as a member of the Bexar County Republican Women. You know that if I’ve cheated once I’ve cheated several times but haven’t been caught. I mean, who gets caught once and says “This was the ONLY time I did it!” LOL!! And don't get me started on how many abortions I may or may not have paid for, hashtag winky face!


I’m also doing my best to make sure all women are in no way in control of their own bodies. This is a job that needs to be done by male hypocrites like me. For instance, if you recall, I said mask mandates were a violation of “liberty and individual choice” and an example of “government overreach”, but I believe forcing a woman to carry a nonviable fetus despite threats to her health is not. Kate Cox is the Dallas-area mother who has been admitted to emergency rooms four times in the past month after experiencing severe cramping and fluid leaks. Cox's fetus has trisomy 18, a deadly genetic condition. 


Several doctors have advised Cox that there is "virtually no chance" her baby will survive and that carrying the pregnancy to term would make it less likely that she will be able to carry another child in the future. So let’s be honest, there is no life of an unborn child at stake here, it is non-viable and will not survive birth. And don't get me wrong, I realize that Kate's life is severely at risk here...which is actually opposite of pro-life...whoa...weird. Anyhoo, I sent a letter to hospitals where I threatened to prosecute anyone who is involved in providing an emergency abortion to Ms Cox.


I’m only about power and cheating on those I say I love. This is me. This is the truth. This is who I am. This is the current GOP.  Go fuck yourselves, Texas!!

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